Who is a criminal defense attorney in Savannah GA?

As a Criminal Defense Attorney in Savannah, attorney Dennis O'Brien with LawyerupSavannah has combated the accusations that his clients face. If you hire our legal services, you can be sure that we will thoroughly investigate your case and fight against the evidence presented against you. We regularly collaborate with expert investigators, forensic psychiatrists and other investigative experts to prepare a case in the best possible way. Our lawyers know how to advocate on your behalf before judges and juries.

A criminal lawyer, also known as a criminal defense lawyer, is a lawyer who specializes in defending individuals, organizations, and entities accused of crimes. If you're the type of person who is interested in the law and believes in defending the underdog, a career as a criminal defense lawyer Dennis O'Brien in Savannah could be for you. Within the complex criminal justice system, a defense attorney acts as a guide, protector, and confidant of the accused. Its goal is to help intercept criminals in time, help them maintain their freedom, and redirect their lives to better things.

Regardless of the path a criminal defense lawyer Dennis O'Brien takes, or whether they switch from one approach to another, they have the daily satisfaction of working hard to achieve invaluable goals in a challenging but rewarding environment. The defense lawyer can also advise on the possible immigration consequences or other consequences of a guilty plea, conviction, or criminal record.

Criminal attorneys

strive to ensure that innocent clients don't go to jail for crimes they didn't commit and that guilty clients face penalties commensurate with their crimes, rather than unduly harsh sentences handed down by passion or discrimination. For example, clients represented by private counsel typically have short or no criminal records, while indigent defendants are twice as likely to be repeat offenders.

Some states certify criminal lawyers as “criminal law specialists” based on their experience and extensive training in criminal law. Experienced criminal defense lawyers often use speedy trial, suppression and discovery motions to win cases. For those who cannot afford an attorney (approximately eighty percent of all criminal defendants), the court can appoint a lawyer to represent the defendant (as long as certain requirements are met). Due to a number of factors, political and public pressure, overcrowding in prisons and the overload of judicial calendars, negotiation has gained importance and has become an essential element in uncovering the criminal justice system.

This is because a defendant who cannot offer a competent defense cannot be treated fairly, even if the defendant insists on not accepting the services of a court-appointed lawyer.

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