Who is the Best Lawyer of All Time? A Look at the Most Influential Lawyers in American History

When it comes to the most influential lawyers in American history, there are five that stand out. Abraham Lincoln, Mary Jo White, Johnnie Cochran, Joe Jamail and Thurgood Marshall have all had a lasting impact on the country's history and on the legal system as we know it today. In this article, we'll take a look at these five renowned lawyers from the past and present, as well as some of the other famous lawyers who have made their mark in American history. Abraham Lincoln is best known as the sixteenth president of the United States, who guided the country during the Civil War, one of the darkest periods in its history. However, before entering politics, he was also an incredibly successful lawyer.

After passing law school in Illinois in 1836, he began working as a lawyer right away and handled more than 5,000 cases with his partners. Lincoln was a versatile lawyer who represented clients in both criminal and civil matters. The Kardashians may be associated with show business today, but their father Robert Kardashian was one of the most famous lawyers in American history. He earned his law degree from the University of San Diego and passed the bar soon after. He was actively involved in both criminal and civilian cases, most notably as a member of OJ Simpson's defense team.

Although he passed away in 2003, his legal legacy continues to inspire members of the industry. The film industry is full of movies throughout history that focus on lawyers and the drama that takes place in court. From classics like To Kill a Mockingbird, Anatomy of a Murder, and 12 Angry Men, to more recent dramas like Philadelphia, A Few Good Men, and The Verdict, these films use the machinations that take place in courtrooms as a backdrop for what happens in their stories. Many of these films have been adapted from books (John Grisham has an entire bookshelf dedicated to him), but most television lawyers are developed from television scripts. That said, there are many notable lawyers who have appeared on the small screen, some of them excellent because of their skill in court and others are great simply because they are memorable characters. Here is a list of what I consider to be the 20 best television lawyers in history: Arnie Becker from L.

A. Law, Michael Kuzak from L. Law, Grace van Owen from L. Law, Ann Kelsey from L.

Law, Victor Sifuentes from L. Law, Tommy Mullaney from L. Law, Jimmy McGill from Better Call Saul, Perry Mason from Perry Mason, Matlock from Matlock, McCoy from Law & Order, Chiles from Seinfeld, and Specter from Suits. These lawyers have all made their mark on American history and have left an indelible impression on our culture.

While this is a topic that will undoubtedly be debated for centuries to come, there is no denying that these five lawyers have had an immense impact on our legal system.

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