Can a criminal defense attorney represent me in both state and federal court?

Attorneys may be allowed to represent you in another federal district court, but they must be admitted in good standing. This is important because many attorneys only practice in state courts and are not admitted to federal courts. There are many significant differences between the way the state handles criminal cases and the way the federal government handles them. Financial crimes are a class of federal crimes that involve obtaining money (or anything else of value) by inappropriate means or paying money (or anything else of value) for illegal purposes. If you were a federal law enforcement agent, such as an FBI, DEA, or ATF agent, you'll need a federal defense attorney.

Given this reality, the first thing to do after learning that you have been charged is to obtain the assistance of a Florida federal criminal defense attorney. If you received a subpoena from a grand jury, it's crucial that you contact a respected Florida federal criminal defense attorney to discuss the best way to respond. A grand jury subpoena is a court order requiring you to participate in a open criminal investigation. And entering into negotiations without an experienced Florida federal criminal defense attorney on your side probably won't yield the results you're looking for.

This investigation can last days, weeks, or months, and could involve one or more federal legal agencies and working groups. In general, federal penalties for a crime are more severe than penalties for an equivalent state offense.

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