Can a criminal defense attorney represent me in both juvenile and adult court cases?

It is best to work with a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience both in the juvenile system and in adult criminal courts, so that the lawyer is prepared to fight the transfer to adult court and represent your child in juvenile proceedings, or to defend your child in criminal court if necessary. Given this inconsistency in punishment, representation by an experienced Massachusetts juvenile defense attorney has become even more critical for minors who want to protect their constitutional rights, keep a clean record, and have the opportunity for a flourishing future. Crawford recently returned to his home state of Texas, where he continues to work in the area of defending the indigent. In addition, a recent review of the Massachusetts judicial system indicated that the sentences imposed on minors convicted of crimes of similar violence showed little consistency from one case to another.

In 1997, Kris joined the staff of the District of Columbia Public Defender Service, where she continued to represent clients and helped organize a Youth Unit designed to meet the multidisciplinary needs of children in the juvenile justice system. If your child is accused of a crime, you will need an attorney who is experienced in dealing with these differences from the adult system. The NACDL is committed to improving the capacity of the criminal defense bar association to safeguard fundamental constitutional rights. This masterful collection of cross-examination resources provides countless tips, techniques, and strategies for a variety of specific criminal case scenarios.

Law Practices Manual and worked closely with the Action Network for the Defense of Indigent Minors to develop a national curriculum for child advocates. Finding the right juvenile lawyer for your child's case means finding someone with experience in Juvenile Court and someone who will fight for the best outcome for your child. This unique program provides criminal defense attorneys with an accurate and clear overview of forensic pathology and the myriad factors to consider in a death investigation, and will methodically explain what happens during an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death. Crawford served as a clinical professor and staff attorney at Northwestern University Law School, where she represented clients in criminal and juvenile delinquency matters (including capital punishment) at all stages of the process (trial, appeals and after conviction).Attorney Cappetta can protect your child's rights in the courtroom and also represent your child in expulsion hearings organized by the school system.

If you or your child have been convicted of a juvenile crime in Massachusetts, it is essential that you be represented by an experienced juvenile defense attorney. The NACDL takes advantage of the unique perspectives of NACDL members to advocate for improvements in the policies and practices of the criminal legal system. In addition, most juvenile convictions are automatically sealed when they turn 21; adult criminal records have to go through a record-sealing process.

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