Can two people have the same lawyer on the same case?

The Supreme Court of the United States can decide. In many states, it's legal for two co-defendants with a crime to hire the same lawyer. However, this is not the ideal situation because it is conducive to conflicts of interest. A car accident lawyer from our law firm can only represent multiple clients from the same accident if there are no conflicts of interest. For example, if you were a passenger, your case may depend on you proving that the driver of your vehicle was negligent.

In this situation, one of our car accident attorneys could not represent you and the negligent driver without a conflict of interest. Going through a divorce will cause some problems in your life and probably some problems and frustrations. If you want to do everything you can to eliminate as many obstacles as possible, can you and your future ex-spouse agree to use a divorce attorney for each of your legal advisors? In most cases, the answer It's no. Instead, the family lawyer who oversees your mediation acts as a neutral party who helps each of you, but doesn't fight for either of you.

Imagine how absurd it would be if both the defense and the prosecution were in charge of a single lawyer; family courts would see the same thing in a case where two spouses shared an attorney. During mediation, you can use an attorney, but that attorney does not represent you or your former spouse.

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