Becoming a Criminal Defense Lawyer: What Training is Required?

Becoming a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Charleston SC requires an average of 7 years of full-time study after high school. All law school applicants must have a bachelor's degree to qualify for admission to law school. This is followed by 3 years in law school. After graduating from law school, students must pass the bar exam of the state in which they will practice before beginning their career. During your second and third years of law school, you can select classes focusing on criminal procedure that would help you become a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Charleston SC. You must complete three years of law school to obtain your law degree, the Juris Doctor.

You can also apply for internships or internships with criminal lawyers and with judges who deal with criminal cases. The most common universities for students to pursue their goal of becoming criminal defense lawyers are the University of Florida and Boston University. Throughout the criminal process, criminal lawyers offer their clients legal advice that is in their best interest. They are often hired in associate positions and will work with experienced lawyers and judges to train in court proceedings, learn to manage cases and develop investigative skills. The Legal Aid Society's Murphy trial defense training program is a one-week judicial skills training program that all new employees participate in. This multi-day orientation and training program introduces them to the essential principles of criminal law and practice.

After this program, each of the new lawyers returns to their municipal office and then participates in a full-day mock trial in a real courtroom. Defense attorneys have a great responsibility and those entering this career should enjoy working with people. A defense lawyer's income will depend on whether the new lawyer opens his own practice, is a member of a larger law firm, or joins the legal staff of a large corporation. In addition, potential defense lawyers should consider taking elective subjects along with all the regular core classes. It is also important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of being a defense lawyer and managing all difficult cases.

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