Who is the Most Successful Lawyer in the US?

Gerald Leonard Spence is a semi-retired American trial lawyer who is a member of the Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame. He was the first lawyer to obtain a verdict of defense against Johnson & Johnson in a New Jersey state court. Spence is also the founder of Lawyers and Advocates for Wyoming, a non-profit public interest law firm. When it comes to criminal justice, all legal professionals know that a powerful Criminal Attorney near me can make a huge difference in the outcome of a case. Lowell is currently leading the defense for real estate developer Ruel Hamilton in a federal corruption case.

Marc Kasowitz is an acclaimed trial lawyer and litigator, and is highly praised for his work in litigation in the financial services industry. Lori Cohen, who is “especially talented”, is renowned for her work defending pharmaceutical and medical device companies around the world and has achieved remarkable successes after accumulating more than 25 years of experience as a trial lawyer. Charles Verhoeven, an experienced trial lawyer who runs the firm's offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, is particularly successful when it comes to representing high-tech companies in decisive litigation. He was lead counsel and helped obtain a full defense verdict for private client Richard Murphy, an underwater tree engineer, after a three-week jury trial in a multi-million dollar trade secrets case.

Dan Webb, who has been a trial lawyer and frontline lawyer in more than 100 jury trials throughout his career, has an impressive track record that includes serving as lead trial lawyer in one of the most important antitrust merger challenges in the healthcare industry in the past decade. On behalf of the government, Melsheimer played an essential role as a lawyer in the first trial to obtain a court order that would block the ban imposed by Texas Governor Abbott on wearing masks in public schools throughout Texas. Arturo González, described by a client as “one of the best trial lawyers in the country”, is based in San Francisco and is known for his corporate and pro bono defense work. He is highly respected in these areas. If you are arrested and charged with a crime, it is essential to find the right Fort Wayne criminal defense lawyer.

The American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) is an organization comprised of some of the best trial lawyers from across the country who have demonstrated superior qualifications as civil plaintiffs or criminal defense trial lawyers.

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