How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia?

When you are facing criminal charges, it is essential to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and maximize your chances of preserving your freedom. But how much does it cost to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Georgia? The cost of hiring an attorney in a criminal case in Georgia will vary depending on the charges and the experience of the lawyer. At Canterbury Law Group, we understand that a lot is at stake when you are facing criminal prosecution. Not only your freedom, but also your reputation, career, employment, professional licenses, and even the place where you go to school or your family can be affected. That is why we offer an initial consultation to help you make the best decision for your case.

When searching for a criminal defense lawyer, it is important to remember that the decision should not be made solely on the basis of an advertisement. You should also follow your intuition and look for an experienced attorney who can provide you with a budget to handle your case. At Fienman Defense, we have a successful track record of protecting the rights of people accused of criminal and traffic crimes in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Chester counties. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers employ a hybrid model which generally involves a combination of fixed rates and hourly billing.

It is important to remember that trying to hide assets or income in order to receive free legal representation is not recommended. The court may decide that you can afford an attorney; in that case, you can represent yourself or hire a private lawyer.

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