How to become a lawyer for the international criminal court?

The general objectives of seminars and trainings for lawyers are to contribute to developing the knowledge and capacity of members of the legal profession and civil society on ICC law and procedures, as well as on practices and issues related to the rule of law; to promote dialogue and the exchange of experiences among participants to increase the legal experience of participants in international criminal and humanitarian law; to impart specific legal and procedural skills used in the Cut; and facilitate the exchange of experiences, best practices and networks. Full membership of the ICCBA is open to all attorneys admitted to the ICC Bar List or to those who are eligible to practice before the ICC as independent defense or victim attorneys. Associate membership is open to individuals who have been admitted to the ICC assistant list or who have been assigned as case support staff at the ICC and who have at least five years of relevant experience in international criminal law. Affiliate membership is open to individuals with demonstrable experience in international criminal law, such as law professors, ICC defense or victim support personnel, or counseling and support staff in other international, internationalized or hybrid courts.

The International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA) is an independent professional association that represents the interests of lawyers and legal support personnel who represent victims, defendants and other actors (such as witnesses) before the ICC. Candidates must successfully complete 21 of the 24 credit hours of the specific criminal law courses described in the courses section. The ICCBA has conducted several training sessions on substantive and procedural issues in international criminal law. The title is also appropriate for those lawyers who choose to practice in the areas of federal or military law enforcement or who work as liaison with the 17 agencies that make up the intelligence community.

These partners can influence decision makers and public opinion, promote the implementation of the Rome Statute and contribute to the development of international criminal law. The ICCBA General Assembly meeting will take place on Friday, October 20 at the International Criminal Court. The ICCBA is an independent professional association that represents the interests of lawyers and support staff of the International Criminal Court. The participants come from all over the world, including lawyers from the Lawyers List and experts from, among others, international courts, as well as representatives of legal associations and other external partners.

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